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Flomatcher Liquid Rheostat type drives have been manufactured  since the 1950’s and have a record for durability that is unequaled in the variable speed pump controls industry.  Normal working lifetimes of 30 years with normal minimum maintenance is the rule rater than being the exception.

Flomatcher Inc. is still producing its time proven equipment that utilizes the Flomatcher proprietary non moveable electrode type LoadCel Legendary in its simplicity utilizing tapered cast bronze electrodes with no moving internal parts.  The Flomatcher factory will recondition your old LoadCels to current factory new condition  depending on the amount of erosion extant on the electrodes,  replacement of your electrodes, or by complete replacement of the assembly if it is deemed necessary by a thorough examination of the components by experienced personnel with over 40 years experience with this type equipment.

Flomatcher field service personnel will visit your installation for the purpose of field adjustment of your drives, and a checkout of your sequencing and alarm panel if it was provided as a part of your original installation.  Electrical components for this original equipment is either still available for replacement, or suitable replacements can also be provided.





Additional Services

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Service