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The Standard in Variable Speed Control

Wattmiser II

Energy Savings

The Wattmiser II system has better overall system efficiency compared to other methods of controlling the speed of a motor such as secondary resistance, eddy current clutches and adjustable frequency drives (AFD's). The reason for this is that the controller handles only a portion of the motors' rated output power.

High Power Factor

Power factor is .95 or better over the entire operating speed range without external power factor correction capacitors. Power factor is set electronically within the Line Inverter controller.

Clean Input Power

The Wattmiser II system draws sinusoidal currents virtually free of harmonics, exceeding the latest requirements of IEEE-519 for both voltage and current. Large harmonic filters are unnecessary. No tedious and time consuming harmonic study is required.



Additional Items

  • Adjustable Speed Range.
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Positive Heat Control
  • Longer Life of Controller