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The Standard in Variable Speed Control

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive

Flomatcher manufacturers variable speed motor control systems. Flomatcher's Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems control the speed of pump motors by varying the frequency of applied voltage. Our VFD systems are used for pump motors ranging from 1 to 500 HP. Finally, a Variable Frequency Drive System that offers the same reliability and quality that has made Flomatcher the standard in variable speed control.


Flomatcher VFD systems can be custom tuned from the keyboard to meet changing requirements without major rebuilds. This is a benefit during initial installation when pumping requirements continually change.


Flomatcher's VFD system is a state of the art control system offering the latest in technology. It continues to uphold the tradition of quality and reliability that is associated with Flomatcher equipment.

Ease of Maintenance

Our VFD systems contain a self test capability that traces faults to individual circuit areas. Basic repairs are made simple, since the circuit cards are easily replaced.


Sewage Lift Station Pumping

Fresh Water Pressure Booster

Process Flow Control Pumping

Custom Engineering

Each system is designed to meet our customers specific requirements. Besides an extensive list of standard specifications, there are several optional cards that can be added.



Additional Items

  • Adjustable Speed Range.
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Positive Heat Control
  • Longer Life of Controller