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The Standard in Variable Speed Control

Liquid Rheostat

Variable Speed Operation

Variable speed operation allows pumps to run for long periods at reduced speeds when system demand is low and at increasing speeds as system demand increases. System  demand is thus always matched by pump speed. By reducing the starts, stops, and high speed operation that characterizes constant speed applications, Flomatcher variable speed controllers prolong equipment life and, because the pump operates against a lower average friction head, can reduce the overall power consumption in many installations.

LR 100 Variable Speed Controller

Flomatcher's liquid rheostat controller, LR 100, is designed to vary the speed of a wound rotor motor and centrifugal pump in response to changes in process demand.

Load Cell

The external resistance source for the LR 100 controlled wound rotor motor is the LoadCel, which is a liquid rheostat patented by Flomatcher.

Construction of the LoadCel consists of two separate but connected compartments - an electrode compartment and a reservoir compartment.

There are four sizes of LoadCels manufactured to control every size of wound rotor motor currently used in pumping applications from 5 HP to 3000 HP.

Adjustable Speed Range

Depending on system requirements, the LR 100 can provide two basic speed control ranges: 60%-97% motor rated speed, or 25-90% motor rated speed.

Low Maintenance

There are no moving parts in the LOAD CEL and there are no adjustments that can be made to the electrodes. Since the LOAD CEL controls AC in the motors secondary, meter is neither deposited nor removed from the electrodes. Under many conditions, the electrodes will last the life of the installation.



Additional Items

  • Adjustable Speed Range.
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Positive Heat Control
  • Longer Life of Controller