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Liquid Rheostat

As the most durable, longest lived, smoothest operating variable speed drive for wound rotor motors ever produced, the Flomatcher Liquid rheostat has been in constant production for over 50 years.  Beginning as a strictly electro-mechanical type of drive, utilizing the time honored proprietary “LoadCel” with its non-moveable electrodes, directly sensing wet well level with a common bubbler. This drive has progressed to new capabilities to offer selective options.

The 2011 Flomatcher still has the LoadCel as its heart, but is capable of accepting any type of control signal as an input from a PLC, transducer or set point controller, to maintain any type of process required.  (Pressure, flow, level)  The Flomatcher will provide step-less speed control with zero hysteresis for a wound rotor driven centrifugal pump.  Normal horsepower ranges from 5 to 3000 hp in 4 sizes of drive.


The Wattmiser is an adjustable speed drive system that varies the speed of a wound rotor induction motor steplessly and efficiently.

Wattmiser II

The Wattmiser II system has better overall system efficiency compared to other methods of controlling the speed of the motor by varying the frequency of the applied voltage.


A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is an adjustable frequency converter for use with ac induction motors. The VFD controls the speed of the motor by varying the frequency of the applied voltage.


PACESETTER RELIABILITY - Marathon Electronics adjustable speed drives combine simplicity and low cost with proven performance and reliability.

Marathon Circuit Board's

Flomatcher Inc. can provide you with Marathon circuit boards for WEBB Presses and more

Additional Items

  • Custom Control Cabinets.