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About Flomatcher/Marathon

Flomatcher manufactures variable speed motor control systems. The company was started in 1957 using a patented Liquid Rheostat. Our proprietary rheostats are used to smoothly and steplessly vary the speed of pump motors to match the constantly changing demand for water flow rates in a wide variety of exacting applications.

Flomatcher now has well over 7,000 installed units controlling motors ranging from 4 hp to 4,000 hp from the cold temperatures of Alaska to the high humidity of Hawaii. There is a wide base of installed systems in North and South America. Flomatcher sales, repair and service is provided through a network of sales representatives across the United States and Canada. Some typical applications where liquid rheostats may be found are in water treatment facilities, waste treatment plants, high-rise potable and fire control water systems.

The technology behind the liquid rheostat is simple and low maintenance – there are no moving parts. Maintenance costs are the lowest in the industry because of the principle of operation and simple components. A skilled electronics technician is not required for operation, maintenance, or repair. The liquid rheostat can be repaired in the field by on site personnel with hand tools that are standard equipment in any plant. Many installations have been running their Flomatcher equipment for well over 25 years without any problems. These have proven to be the most reliable systems available today, particularly in areas with poor power quality and limited access to skilled technicians. The voltage spikes, frequent brownouts, power outages, and lightning strikes that wreak havoc on solid state drives are not a problem to the rugged liquid rheostat. An added advantage is that liquid rheostats do not generate the harmonic problems that are such an issue today with solid state drives.

The acquisition of the Marathon/Avtec line added not only new products for those who want solid state drives but also new markets and applications: lumber and paper mills, printing plants, crane controls, conveyors, elevator drives, bridge controls, and ski lifts. Our Wattmiser slip energy recovery systems return power to the power line that results in savings on energy costs. The modular construction of Marathon drives eases troubleshooting. Flomatcher is also capable of providing control systems using the latest in technology: VFD’s, PLC programming, touch screen controls, and new in 1997, the Wattmiser II, an IGBT power recovery system.

Flomatcher/Marathon is a certified warranty service center for Baldor Drives. This relationship with Baldor has allowed us to provide a digital control solution where applicable.

In the controls industry the Flomatcher name has long been synonymous with quality and reliability. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information or wish to discuss any possible applications that you might have.


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Flomatcher Liquid Rheostat, wound rotor pump drives are legendary for their durability and dependability.  Flomatcher equipment has sustained a life line of 30 – 40 years, requiring minimal maintenance.  Steadfast reliability and unequaled safe, time proven equipment has become our legacy without exception.